Passion Points - Style

Hot Pink, in Jaipur; courtesy of Marie Hélène de Taillac

They say there is no such thing as the perfect hotel. Variables like size, location and vibe, as well as who is traveling and for what reason, all figure in the decision (the Indagare bookings team can help members narrow down options and hone in on the best properties). That said, a select group of hotels and resorts consistently score high with our staff, contributors and community. These unique retreats defy categorization: some are perfect for family bonding, others for romantic getaways; some are far-flung and beachy, others urban and cutting-edge. All excel at one thing—making guests feel utterly transported.

They are Indagare Adored—look out for the icon beside reviews on the Web site—and here is the inaugural Indagare Adored List. We will be adding more hotels and resorts throughout the year; email us about your favorites and why you think they deserve to make the cut.








Indagare® - Passion Points - Style - Introducing Indagare Adored - The next generation of travel wisdom™

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