Wikileaks garante: “Portuguese bank lets U.S. spy on Iranian accounts”

Hoje, no Crowdleak – um site que se define como sendo o único site de suporte multilingue ao Wikileaks, disponibilizando os materiais por este publicados em 10 línguas diferentes – consta um artigo sobre crime financeiro e espionagem que afirma o seguinte: Portuguese bank lets U.S. spy on Iranian accounts.
O Brasil também é objecto de vários artigos, como este por exemplo: What the US thinks of Dilma Rousseff, the next Brazilian president.

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Portuguese bank lets U.S. spy on Iranian accounts

Posted by simon 2:33 pm, January 11, 2011
A released cable (WikiLeaks 10LISBON66) shows that on February 5th of 2010, the board of Millennium, a Portuguese bank, proposed to the US to let them spy on Iranian bank accounts. The Executive Board Chairman (EBC), Carlos Santos Ferreira, discussed the case with one of the officials that work at the US embassy. He claimed that it would cost the bank more than it would produce. However, Ferreira was willing to establish a relationship with Iran to help the United States Government (USG) to track the holders of Iranian assets and their financial activities, and to discourage foreign investments into the Government of Iran.
Ferreira told the USG that he would be willing to allow them to monitor the Iranian accounts in Millennium, in a manner that would be decided by both the USG and Ferreira himself. The US Official, on the other hand, recommended that the USG’s basic response to Ferreira should be that Millennium not pursue any relationship with any Iranian entities. However, the USG believed that Ferreira would act anyway, and so the cable author claimed “it might be prudent to maintain open channels of communication with Ferreira“, hoping to “track developments and discourage deeper relations with Iran“.
Early in 2009, the Iranian Embassy in Lisbon contacted Ferreira, whom they knew during his time serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oeiras Foundation (1987-1989), a state entity that Ferreira says sold munitions to Iran more than 20 years ago. Iran already had relations with various European banks, (including HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Danske, and Banque Commercial de Placement), and Ferreira anticipated in taking part in the following activities for the USG, under EU banking laws and UN sanctions:
A) Undertaking transactions “on behalf of Iranian credit institutions with additional monitoring and oversight mechanisms to prevent money laundering and terrorism finance.”
B) Continuing “to conduct, on a case-by-case basis, operations of support to client companies that export to Iran.”
In 2008, Iranian deposits in European banks totaled USD 46.7 billion, while foreign deposits in Iran decreased by USD 2.5 billion. France maintained a significant account – USD 5.4 billion in Iranian banks. Iranian exports totaled USD 106 billion (80 percent from oil). According to the report, EDBI told Millennium officials that Brazil is not overly concerned about respecting international sanctions since “independent countries can make independent decisions.”

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